Jerry Rice: Sprinted one of the worst 40 yard dash times ever recorded by a wide receiver in the NFL. Larry Bird: Couldn’t run fast, jump high, and didn't lift weights. Bill Bellichick: Ignores all NFL combine statistics when hiring players. Wayne Gretzky: Labeled too slow and skinny to last in the NHL. Tom Brady: Couldn’t run fast, throw the ball hard enough, and was considered to weak to survive in the NFL.
Though the above list of individuals possessed varying “handicaps”, they all have one thing in common. They are all, arguably, the greatest to have ever participated in their profession. They understand that how fast, strong, smart, or “talented” one is does not determine one’s success. Rather, it's how good one is at their craft that constitutes a great sportsman. Though possessing athletic traits is an asset, there are countless examples of "non-athletes" that have had unbelievable success in lacrosse. We have studied the best shooters in the game, and have trained many players that believed they did not possess a knack for scoring goals that became great goal scorers. And being great at a sport or specific skill-set does not require one to possess traits associated with being an athlete.

Through the implementation of our system people of various sizes, shapes, and strengths have discovered what it takes to be great at their discipline. We value creativity and arm our sportsmen with the tools to help them express themselves in richer ways on the field of play. Regardless of one's "talent" level, success is inevitable if the desire is there.

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Ryan Small is a native of Hanover NH and former Loyola/University of Maryland midfielder/attackman who in 2006 was a draft choice of the Major League Lacrosse franchise the Rochester Rattlers. The brainchild of The Lacrosse Shooting Academy, Ryan built the DYG Shooting Academy with a single focus – shooting. “Though I was heavily recruited out of high school, I quickly learned that my shooting abilities weren’t bad, they were horrible.” Says Ryan, “and after studying the best shooters and finishers in lacrosse and receiving amazing tutelage from Dave Cottle, I quickly developed into one of our best inside and outside shooters. Once this clicked for me I realized that even though there might be such a thing as a natural born goal scorer, the art of finishing can be taught.”

Ryan has developed training aids specifically designed for shooting of which many of the top college programs use religiously. He has implemented his training equipment into the DYG system which has turned into the original, and leading system for developing high level shooting in the country.



Jay Card is one of lacrosse’s all time greatest goal scorers. A native of Toronto Canada, Card graduated Hofstra University as its second all time leading goal scorer with 182 career goals and was a three time All-American, CAA Player Of the Year, and four time All-CAA selection. After college Card was the 14th overall Major League Lacrosse draft choice in by the Long Island Lizards and continued his box lacrosse career with the Minnesota Swarm in the National Lacrosse League.

Jay Card is pure goal scorer. He is one of those rare Canadian shooters that not only has the uncanny ability to finish every shot in close range, but also possesses a blistering 109mph shot from the outside while maintaining absolute control of the ball. “I could watch Jay shoot all day” states LSA Founder Ryan Small, “he not only has that shooting ability we all strive for, be he also possesses the ability to explain it to the athletes we coach – that is rare in someone so talented in their craft.”


Lacrosse Hall of Famer Dave Huntley is one of lacrosse's all-time greats. A 3X All-American at Johns Hopkins University, Huntley earned 1979 NCAA Midfielder Of the Year, then moved on to the pro level first as a player, then as a coach. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Coach Huntley is widely regarded as one of the best offensive minds ever to play and coach lacrosse. "This is absolutely huge for DYG," say's Ryan Small, "Dave's resume both as a player and a coach is unparalleled in our sport. When I think of shooting, I think of Coach Huntley - he's truly dedicated to turning lacrosse players into great shooters. Furthermore, he embodies everything we stand for at DYG. Whereas a lot of programs hire athletes just because of their playing background, that's not enough for us. One can be a great player but a horrible teacher of their craft. With Coach Huntley, he has the playing resume and a coaching track record that displays nothing but success."

Coach Huntley is currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland and is the Head Coach of the MLL franchise the Atlanta Blaze.


Scott Bieda is the 2016 Big 10 Offensive Player Of the Year and a 2X NCAA Division 1 All-American. While at Rutgers University, Bieda led the Scarlet Knights to an NCAA tournament bid and graduated number six all time in points scored. "Scott is an pure worker and student of the game," says Ryan Small, "he's a guy that has earned everything he's gotten. In order to accomplish what Scott has and shoot at the level he does, it required him to truly learn the mechanics behind shooting. He's great as relaying his teachings to our athletes in a way that they can absorb it and put put it into practice immediately - and that's more valuable to our athletes than his playing resume."

Scott Currently resides in Bridgewater New Jersey where he teaches offensive-minded lacrosse players. He is also a staple player for the Major League Lacrosse franchise the Boston Cannons.



Though a great playing resume is nice, it's not what makes a great coach. We are obsessed with getting great coaches, and then training them in our shooting system. You'll notice that we have collegiate All-Americans players and National Lacrosse Hall of Fame coaches, however, each one has been trained in the DYG shooting system and inherently understand what it takes to get the most out of our athletes.

Because our camps run nation-wide, and dependent on camp volume, every coach may not be at every camp. We maintain a great player/coach ratio and ensure that every camper receives the best shooting instruction available.

Dave Cottle is a former University of Maryland and Loyola University head coach. The Chesapeake US Lacrosse Hall of Famer is one of the winningest coaches in NCAA history and holds the record for most consecutive NCAA tournament appearances. "Coach Cottle is where it all started for me," says Ryan Small, "I went into college not understanding a thing about shooting. His foundational approach to teaching shooters is the basis of our system - there's nobody better in the business and we are extremely lucky to have him sign on with us."

After his college coaching career Cottle went on to consult with current NCAA power Marquette University while taking over the Major League Lacrosse franchise the Chesapeake Bayhawks. He coached four of those seasons earning two MLL championships. Now, is the the sole GM of the Bayhawks while he continues his passion for educating young athletes in lacrosse.