At DYG everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe that everyone has the ability to become good, if not great, at their chosen position in any sport. In a industry where people value and rank athletes on certain tangibles like; how much weight one lifts, how fast one is, how high one can jump, etc, we have found that while these abilities can be great assets, they mean little when it comes to achieving success on the field of play. This belief is what drove us to create The Lacrosse Shooting Academy.

There are countless examples of "non-athletes" that have had great success in lacrosse. We have studied the best shooters in the game and have trained many players who believed they did not possess a "knack" for scoring goals - and who became great goal scorers. The Shooting Academy system is designed to help individuals of various sizes, shapes, and abilities identify their personal strengths and weaknesses, and prepare them to become great goal scorers. We value creativity and arm our sportsmen with the tools to help them express themselves in richer ways on the field of play.

Shooting Immersion is a fully immersive clinic specifically designed to help you unlock the true potential you have as a shooter. Through our teachings of mental frameworks and proper bio-mechanics you will learn how to surpass any limitations to achieve your goals and take control of your shot. Ultimately, you will transform from a shooter to a finisher!

If you have been here before, we are now adding more to our shooting instruction!

We are extremely excited to be traveling to Tamarac, FL for three hours of the most comprehensive shooting instruction available! We will be immersing our players in the art of shooting as it's done at the highest level. This is rare opportunity to learn how the best in the game train and prepare to be finishers. We will teach you how to master every kind of shot and go home with a tool kit to train throughout your off season. Join us as we help you discover your game!

Tamarac Sports Complex
9901 NW 77th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33321
September 10th - 10am-1pm
Grades 4th-College

(Until August 1st)


Tamarac Sports Complex
9901 NW 77th StreetPompano Beach, FL 33321
September 10th - 10am-1pm
Grades 4th-College



Stop Shooting & Start Finishing!


Tamarac, FL | September 10th

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